Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Quick take on Husbands..

The other day, we took our little daughter for vaccination. I was carrying my daughter to the doctor and my wife was carrying all the necessary documents and the files. The vaccination went fine. Jiana didn't cry and we tried our level best by diverting her attention during the vaccination process.

While coming back home, I told my wife about how I am willingly helping her by taking care of Jiana. You see, husbands need to get some brownie points in a discussion so that we can use it later during an argument. If you didn't understand my previous statement, think of a game where you need to collect as many gold coins as possible so that you can trade them to become more powerful. Simple, isn't it? If you still didn't understand, get married..

Me: Did you notice that I am helping you taking our baby to the doctor. Did you see that no husbands came in the clinic apart from 1-2 of them. Most husbands shy away from such stuff. But I came!

Wife: But all husbands are supposed to help not only in financial stuff but household stuffs too..

Me: (being slightly confident) But where can you find such an husband? We are a rare breed!

Wife: That's not true at all. I have heard husbands help in cooking, cleaning, shopping etc.. Didn't you see how many husbands were helping their respective wives in that shopping mall. Wives were doing the shopping and husbands were carrying the trolley.

Me: But that's because they were shopping for themselves too. And most of them were fiddling with their mobiles.

Wife: Just like you..

Me: But I am different, you see.. It was my decision to accompany you.. You could have gone on any day during the week, but it was my suggestion that we go during the weekend..

On one of those rarest of rare occasions, I felt I was winning.. That's when this happened..

We saw a couple with 2 children walking towards a rickshaw stand. The husband was walking in the front - yeah, male dominated society indeed! The guy was with a 1-2 yrs old child on his right side and had 7-8 yr old child walking on his left. And the wife, who was walking behind him, was more concerned about her sari, her hair and her make-up..

My wife looked at me with pride and an understanding which said - "Need I say more?"

Damn ít! I lost again..

C'mon husbands, we were winning - for once, in this generation! Think of our fore-fore fathers. They will be embarrassed about it! They toiled hard to ensure we remain a male dominated society. They were united in their pursuit.. And were successful too! They left hoping we will carry on the legacy. What have we made it into? :D

Moral - Males dominate the society till they get married!

Image courtesy - MyIndiaPictures.com
PS: This post is intended to be a humorous one and should not interpreted otherwise. 


  1. Dude! You have a daughter? I didn't even know that you're married!

    But hey, nice to see you participating in activities to take care of the child also. Marriage, unfortunately, is not like a job, where women can understand how shitty other jobs are & how the current one is bliss!

    All the best, dude :)

    1. Hehe... Thanks man.. Yes, I am blessed with a daughter.. She's now more than 10 months old :)

  2. LOL...Funny read! Similar talks happens between me and my husband. Nevertheless to say, I win such discussions :-P A quote for all you husbands:

    “No sensible man ever engages, unprepared, in a fencing match of words with a woman.”
    ― Wilkie Collins, The Woman in White

    Better luck next time HUSBANDS!!!

    1. Thanks a lot Merin.. Looong time.. I didn't you started blogging too.. Cool! Yeah, and we husbands need luck, coz that's the only hope :P

      Wonder what Vipin thinks about this topic :)

  3. This is an ongoing argument and both will have their own share of it. The best part is the togetherness in spite of every little fight. Well written.

    1. Thanks Abhra.. Its the togetherness that matters in the end :)

  4. Sometimes I wish I don't have to depend on my husband to care of my daughter just to avoid this kind of boasting...I agree that modern husbands do help their wives, but they boast about it as if they have done the major share of things :P And poor wives don't want to disagree because they are afraid if they will stop helping them

    1. Now I really don't know how to react.. Its a catch 22 situation, isnt it Elizabeth? As you rightly pointed out, nothing much can be done in such a situation.. I suggest let it continue :D

  5. The best humour is always from the institution of marriage. Ha ha. Loved this one :-) Experience speaks I guess ;-)

    1. Ohh, thats so true Ashwini.. Experience speaks! :)

  6. Hahaha, this was hilarious. The cartoon strip was the perfect cherry on the cake, you couldn't have rounded this off any better.


All yours..

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