Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Analyzing Rooney's transfer rumour to Arsenal

The football season is now well and truly over. Now comes the rumour season. Soccer fans will be waking up every day to read some of the following standard headlines, only the names change -
  • Shock move for A from one team to another
  • Team X ready to snatch A from under Team Y's nose!
  • A won't sign for team due to non participation in next year's champions league
  • A renewed the contract with his existing team putting to rest all transfer rumours
  • Arsenal eyeing Messi. Yes, I won't be surprised if this news comes up. After all, transfer rumours are normally centered around Arsenal.
One such rumour is that Arsenal are preparing to break the bank to buy Rooney from Manchester United! Not so long ago, we sold Robin van Persie to Manchester United and the EPL championship was decided even before kickoff on the 1st day! Now, I am sure many of you will say the rumour is just that - a rumour and there's no base to it. You may be right, but I feel there's a lot of business sense in that deal and that Arsenal will not stand to lose in the long run. Here's why
PS: I am sure some of you know that I write sports articles in my blog. For a pleasant change, I thought it'll be better if I start contributing to sports websites like SportsKeeda. After the article gets published, I will be sharing the summary / snapshot here in my post with a link to the actual article.

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