Wednesday, July 04, 2012

It seems the Air above India will be busy again..

Air India pilots have called off their strike! Their 58 day strike. A strike where they stood firm despite many of them being fired from their jobs. Despite the government taking an anti-pilot stand. Despite many passengers who 'trusted' Air India to continue normal operations after the King of good times ceased to be king anymore! So, no pilot is on sick leave anymore and the passengers have started feeling healthy. The good times are back, the king, however, is still struggling! I even blogged about Air India's sick leave situation in my post here.

Here's the complete news article from Reuters.

Excerpt: "A section of pilots at national carrier Air India, who were on a 58-day strike demanding exclusive rights to fly Boeing Dreamliners, called off their agitation late on Tuesday bowing to pressure from the government and a Delhi court intervention."

Now the obvious question, how does it impact me?

You see, 3 months back, I booked a flight ticket from a certain place to a certain place scheduled for August. The airlines in question: "Air India". I normally don't prefer Air India because of their services. For almost the same price, even Go Air and Spicejet (not to mention biggies like Jet and Kingfisher) provide better service. But in the spur of the moment, I booked Air India as the rate was highly (and may I repeat, highly) affordable. Also, there was no pilot's strike. Have a look at my decision, days after I took the ticket, the pilots started their strike! How did they even come to know that I booked the ticket!

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There are two contrasting proverbs I can think of right now (that describes my situation):
  1. All's well that ends well - thankfully, the strike is over
  2. It ain't over till the fat lady sings - till I fly and reach my destination, it ain't over.
Anyways, here's hoping there are more and more Air India's flying and competing with the Jet's, Go-Air's etc as more competition means more competitive rates and supposedly better service.

PS: On a more serious note, I sincerely wish the issues are settled amicably and the passengers are not troubled.


  1. I seriously wish the Air India comes back on track and hope it becomes a profitable one. Even with all the advantage it had, like overseas routes and government support, it should be well equipped. It's not a good sign to see a nation's carrier going down everyday. Here is an interesting link I found on FB where my friend shared it, its worth reading as to how to make an airline a profitable one....

    1. The problem is with the management and way of operations. With all the advantages mentioned, they still cannot compete. The example you gave (Southwest Airlines) is one of the best examples of how to run an airlines and be profitable.

  2. 'It ain't over till the fat lady sings' suits more, looking at how dynamic things are today.

    I had an interesting Air india experience. I was in the aisle seat and since the airhostess didnot want to be bothered going all the way around to hand over the water bottles and food to the passengers around me, she convivently used me for her tasks. I had it when she choose to choose to wake me up also for this task. That was the last time I travelled by Air india!

    Nice post, and I do hope you have a good flight!

    1. Ok Jenny, you are scaring me now! :D Unfortunately, Air India is losing ground because of various reasons. It's time something dramatic happens to our national carrier..

  3. The moral of the story is look before you leap ah! fly! next time:)

  4. That is a very interesting piece! No wonders.. if on the day you reach the airport, you are informed that they have decided to call the strike back! God forbid, but that's how ridiculously fickle it can get in India!

    1. Arti, I am hoping against hope here.. Support me yaar.. :D


All yours..

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