Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life's like a chair, isn't it?

Imagine an intense discussion which involves Mr. A, B and C. Mr. A is the chairperson of the meeting -

A: Our margins are going down guys. Bottom-lines are affected!! We cannot carry on doing business this way. Something has to happen. And that too, quickly.

B: Sir, maybe we can farm a little, you know, get into our existing client base a little bit more than we anticipate. That way, we don't have to invest in new clients and can reduce our cost, thereby increasing margins.

A: (matter of factly) How?

B: We need to figure that out. What do you think 'C'?

C: (realizes he has to say something smart to be in the loop) I totally agree with you 'B'. Farming is the right approach for the short term atleast given our precarious condition (has no idea what he meant).

A: Since all agree on the same point, we need to devise some tactics to penetrate our existing accounts. What do you suggest? Sell more products to them? Sell them more in advance and then plan for the future? Sell additional services along with our products?

C: (jumping in the conversation since he is the "yes" man) Yes sir. Couldn't agree more.

B: (providing a text-book answer) And in the long term, we need to analyze the pain areas in the market we are in, visualize solutions we can provide and get the first mover advantage in the market! Hence, our customers will have no other option but to rely on our products / services. And by the time our competitors step in, we already will have a sizable market share!

As I mentioned, Mr A is the chairperson of the meeting. He is sitting in such a way that he can address both "B" and "C". He has an empty chair in front of him. As he is discussing the 'intense' points mentioned above, he is fiddling with the chair. He rotates the chair, pushes the chair only to pull it back and so on.

Now imagine you are the chair!!

Hate it, right? Hate it when you are pushed and pulled at will? Hate it when you are running in circles for no apparent reason? Hate it when people use you and abuse you as and when they need? Now imagine the chair's plight as it has to go through the same routine day in and day out with no support of family and friends!! Feeling better now, huh?
I loved this image. And hence the sharing. Image courtesy:
PS: Most of the points mentioned above came from the discussion I had with a friend of mine who shared his experiences from different industries he came from. Was a hilarious phone call, I must say!! :)


  1. LOL @ Mr.C.I guess we find sycophants like him everywhere in life.

    Yes indeed, your post makes our lives feel much better than that of the chair :)

  2. really a insightful post..
    well penned
    Thanks for sharing such thoughtful things :)

  3. Nice Writing. The way you correlated the chair to how we human beings react and feel. Perhaps that is why God did not give Life to a chair. On a serious note, Most of the times this is what happens when people compromise with others all the time just to please them and be on their Good books.

  4. Hehe, well written!:-)

    Hope you have a blessed Sunday, regards from Tania

  5. Hilarious! Mr C ! Let out a big chuckle while going through his responses. And indeed, instead of cribbing about things that we lack in our lives, we should make it a point to feel grateful about them since there are many lesser fortunate than us around.

  6. If I had a choice as that chair I would fall on A's toes hard till I get the pleasure of hearing his groan:)

  7. @Vishal - Thanks man.. Am glad you felt that way :)

    @Ashwini - Yes, you are right. There's a reason why God didnt give life to a chair..

    @Arti - The philosophy of having lesser fortunate people around us always works (psychologically) Arti :)

    @Rahul - And sometimes, it actually happens!!

    @Dee, @Vidya, @Sawan, @Spidernama - Thanks :)

  8. aaah! what a pity! the chair and sometimes when we end being used like one! not a nice space to be in.

    but liked the way you built the whole scene and then flashed the message at the end
    bahut helpless some situations are or the way we feel. kabhi kabhi kuch kar bhi toh nai sakte

  9. ouch! The plight. Thank God m still a student...but soon will enter the field! Goodness GRacious!

  10. @Sujatha - We have a lot in common with the chair in question!! :) But you know, sometimes going with the wave is more beneficial that reacting needlessly..

    @Red - You will soon enter the corporate environment (or in your case, court environment).. Will be fun then.. :)

  11. Oh My GOd!! So glad I'm planning not to work (as of now) :D But I enjoyed reading all through!! :)

    Your newest follower :)


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