Sunday, December 04, 2011

Accountability for Indian Politicians..

Recently, in the on-going winter session of the Indian Parliament, almost anything and everything has gone through the adjournment motion. Ruling party proposing and the opposition disposing. It's more of a norm in today's times. Who should we blame for such a mess? Ruling party: for their inefficiency in making proper decisions and implementing the same. Or the opposition party: for their efficiency in disrupting the parliament anytime they feel like, to make a statement. Honestly, neither of them should be blamed. We, as citizens of this country, deserve the blame. Its because of voters like you and me that people like them are present in the parliament!!

Anyways, this post is not rip apart any political party, but to show how it can be improved using techniques from a responsible and accountable section of the society - Corporates. Before I explain my point, here are some situations that you might never come across in a corporate life.  

Situation #1: Your pantry service stops making breakfast / tea / snacks just because they are under-paid..

Situation #2: One employee stops working completely and starts throwing chairs and other office stuff around just because s/he hasn't been promoted..

Situation #3: Your cleaner stops cleaning the office premises just because he wants a new state to be formed!!

All this won't happen right? And why? Because people are accountable in the corporate sector. The way people react to different situations in a corporate setup will be different (and definitely more respectable than politicians). They know the value of money and time and have a family to feed. There is a need and hence such a behavior. Politicians don't have such needs. They are not accountable. Time and Money are given to them and most of them misuse it. Their families never die of hunger. They also have something more that most from the corporate sector (especially the junior level guys) don't have. Power!!

All I am trying to convey through this post is that we need to make our politicians accountable (Please observe I have mentioned 'our' politicians, because they are part of us and we elected them to serve us). Every politician should have their targets and they must be assessed on an yearly basis. Congress does that, but it seems to be more of a PR stunt and a certain "rotational policy" so that all their allies are happy and support them for the next term. These targets should be available for public viewing so that people can decide if they want to continue supporting their candidate for the next term.

I understand all this sounds good on paper. But somewhere it has to start right? We have adequate technology to support a system of this calibre. Why not utilize it?


  1. nice. bt how exctly do v make dem more accountabl?
    who is goin to listen to us.
    also, i think d major loophole in theory lies in dem mkin us think as though v d voters decide.
    v dont!
    chennai fr instanc- v voted fr dmk n u kno wat happend wid scams. so nex tym v sed oh hey v don want corruption n opted fr aiadmk.
    wat happend? daily power cuts n unlawful estate dealings.

    at d end of d day- hw exctly did my decision change anythin. its jus dat voters hav poor options to choose frm n dat needs to b set rite. bettr ppl. n i dunno who wud volunteer. mayb u shud :)

  2. A country gets the government it deserves!Expecting the unexpected is living in dreams:(. Good post..

  3. I think it is all the same here in north.. Politicians confuse me.

    Thanks for your nice comments:-)
    Happy Sunday!

  4. @Sadiya: Welcome back yaar.. Long time!! You have made a valid point, we are actually selecting from parties that we think are less corrupt until they come to power and prove otherwise.. What I have mentioned might look good in theory. Practicing the same will be tough because politicians themselves will be against it!! But somewhere things have to start right?

    @Rahul: He who dreams can fly (I made this up) :)

    @Tania: Thanks and wish you the same :)

  5. Binu, I have thought a lot about this ideology myself. Why can politicians be not held accountable for their actions and have set goals instead of random nonsense! I wish India could be ruled by corporates instead of Government, or may be I am talking nonsense now....

  6. @Chintan: Corporates ruling a country will have its own problems - like concentration only on profitability, competition with fellow countries etc. We can take accountability from corporates and democracy from politics (best of both the worlds) and have a mixed system.. Who knows, it might just work!!

  7. Well, Binu. This trend was started by Jawaharlal Nehru. He believed govt bodies were not for making profit. Hence, people without proper education were placed in strong positions. The latter took advantage since they had no targets to achieve and started making impossible demands to satiate their greed. That trend has continued ever since. Our democracy is one which is bleeding us. Incidentally, the 3 politicians considered the stalwarts of Indian democracy (Nehru, MK Gandhi & Indira Ghandi) have been the people who have caused the economy and political scenario to deteriorate.

  8. such a pity - our money used to over-feed our babus & their families. for us every minute counts - time is money. and for them.......
    truly wish there was a sense of accountability - forced or otherwise. would ease out many things

  9. @Vishal: Interesting analysis buddy!! :) Now the point would be to analyze the mistake and move forward without repeating the same!!

    @Sujatha: Quite a disparity among the citizens and the citizen elect!!

  10. I agree and lovely pic, Worlds largest democracy adjourned. With great power comes great responsibility and with it comes great laziness and bad conduct.

    It feels like our politicians think that being elected is the last job in their life since they don't get any other job for their qualification...such a pity. I don't remember the figures, but if no business is conducted, some huge amount of tax payers' money goes fully wasted.

  11. @Prashant: Some estimates suggest that an approximate Rs. 2 Crore is wasted per day!! But that is just a direct estimate. Indirectly, if we consider the bills that are not considered for discussion and not subsequently passed, opportunity loss is enormous!!

  12. The sad state is, we are left with 2 parties, and both of them are equally bad. We don't have a choice but all we've to do is, stick with one of the two.
    I agree with what you say, They are not accountable for anyone, or anything. You can't blame the ruling party alone or the opposition party alone, everyone is to be blamed.

    Those who should we working for the country, dont have the sense of decency to behave properly in a Parliament session and act as if they are creatures from the Forests. I'm guessing, those from Forests, would behave even better.

    Things have to change, Even If we want to, the system is too corrupt to change overnight. But it has to start changing and may be it would take its own time, But still, It has to change!

  13. one year later. and nothing has changed... betting u if i come to this post in 2013, we'll still say the same thing

    1. True Roshan. Some things in life never change :D


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