Monday, June 13, 2011

The Rise of the Fallen..

Many decisions we take in our lives allow us to rise above all. However, those same decisions can also be the reason why we fall. But what stands us apart is the way we react to the rise / fall. These are long term. In the short term scenario, you will come across a situation when you fall off - say -  a chair.

Recently, I went to a government office for some reason and came across a scenario where a guy was sitting and discussing something with a government official when suddenly the inevitable happened. He fell off the chair. But what amazed me was how this guy got up and behaved as if nothing had happened !! And that is how I got the inspiration to write this post. 
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Here's a step by step guide on how to react after a fall:
  • Self - Realization: The moment you fall off the chair, there is a complete blackout in front of you. And then you regain consciousness. The gap between blackout and consciousness has to be small. Realize that you have fallen, and immediately go to the next step. 
  • Get up Early: The more you stay on the ground, the more time you are giving the people near you to grasp the situation and it will make you more embarrassed. Get up as soon as you can. Don't wait for the person near you to help you. Be independent.
  • Always have a smile - even though you are in pain: Have a 'I-am-a-tough-guy' impression on your face and if you don't understand what I mean, atleast have a smile. The moment you feel embarrassed, people around you will catch the expression and remember the incident throughout their life. You want them to forget it as soon as possible, don't you? Hence, it's very important to smile at the incident. Laugh it off !! He who laughs at himself will have no rivals.  
Falling Off Chair Laughing
  • Show your concern towards the chair: Now this is very interesting. The guy after getting up, showed a genuine concern towards the chair. And this - my friends - is the differentiating factor. See, when you fall, you suddenly become the center of attraction, whether you like it or not. By showing concern towards the chair, the guy made everyone around him focus on the chair rather than on himself. The chair is, after all, an inanimate (and now broken) object and will be able to handle the pressure of the situation better than humans. Masterstroke !!
  • Give more importance to other tasks rather than discussing your fall with others: Now this guy had a file with him and I assume he was there to submit the documents. Once everyone was focusing on the chair, he immediately handed over the file to the government official, and surprisingly, the official accepted the file and things were settled - very quickly.
  • Avoid sharing the experience: Never share the experience with anyone. What has happened, has happened. Move on. Have fun. There's more to life than just falling off a chair. 

This guy not only taught me how to handle embarrassing situations like these, he (unknowingly) also taught me one of life's key rule: 10% of Life is what happens to you and 90% depends on how you react to it.

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  1. Laughing at yourself point comes easy to me :P

    Nice post

  2. Thanks Red Handed... I guess laughing at oneself comes easily to most Indians :)

  3. show ur concern for the chair. that is the winner.

  4. interesting observation by you mannnn....:))

    and yes this is what is needed to be done bot you see every one is not that matured so normally what happens is other wise....

    1st time here n found ur space quite interesting n well maintained....

    best wishes,

  5. You are right buddy... In the heat of the moment, people react to things in different ways... Glad you like my blog :)

  6. Wonderful conclusion..:)
    show ur concern towards the chair is rofl.. well, the masterpiece of this discussion.. yeah, it helps honestly.. :D

    awesome write.. :)

  7. Thanks GASP3R :) I hope the tips-n-tricks help everyone :)

  8. Totally agree, its all about how you take it.
    Beautiful conclusion.

  9. lol....craftly written Binu...indeed satirical! ur words will indeed come handy if ever it happens(**god forbids*)..
    hmm...your anaylitical even in humour!!makes for a witty, humorous read :):)

    1. Thanks Rohit. I wish you dont go through the same situation mentioned in the post :D

  10. This was beautiful Binu, hats off for your amazing presence of mind to convert that incidence into a very meaningful blog. Every point made by you makes sense and help us to be a better person...:)

    1. Thanks buddy :) Am glad blogadda remembered this post even after one year! :)


All yours..

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