Monday, May 23, 2011

When I witnessed an accident..

The other day I was less fortunate to witness an accident, but more fortunate to realize that it was just a collision or a minor accident than anything else.

The parties involved in the accident were a biker (who else, sorry 'safe' bikers - but does this term exist?), and two ladies in their mid 30's (I assume - Men are good at assuming the age of a woman, coz when they don't tell us, we only have to assume). Now these 2 ladies were trying to cross the road completely oblivious of the surrounding and the fact that the roads are made for vehicles driven by humans and not entirely for humans, per se. Needless to say, the biker was riding on the same side of the road. He tried to control his bike by activating the system dealing with warning others of his existence - the Horn. Didn't quite work though. Out of desperation, he activated the system that forces the bike to slow down and do a reality-check - the Brake. But it was too late. 

And then the inevitable happened.
You won't believe what happened afterwards !! One of the lady was hit by the bike, she fell down, she got up, stretched her arms and body to check for any immediate pain, said something to the biker and... walked away !!! The biker, on his part, realized what he has done, tried to cover up by nodding his head sideways, said something to the woman and... rode away nodding his head again !! 

This surprising scenario was being witnessed by many of us (around 50 people). Consider this - those 50 people were going out of their house (comfort zone) to venture into something they don't necessarily enjoy. There were students too who were, I presume, going to college to attend lectures they'd love to skip, or to submit their assignments when they hardly remember the name of the subject or to meet their girl friends when friends are busy playing cricket. There were office goers too, there were people going for an interview to get a job in these tough times. They all invested 15 seconds of their precious time to witness the so-called drama. Don't you think they deserve atleast a slap from the lady (the guy was not wearing a helmet). What was the other lady doing? She could have initiated something. She didn't come to her friends aid. Why? We needed a scene that we can talk about (or in my case, blog about), why were we deprived of it? 

You know why? Because they realized what is more important in these situations. The lady who was hit, was more mature to realize her mistake. She got up, checked if there is any feeling of pain and walked away - to avoid a scene. When we go through such a scenario, we fail to realize "the bigger picture". Trust me, I have experienced both the sides (the biker as well as a 'walker'). We are generally more concerned about what the people around us think and thereby react in a way that a mere collision was a near-fatal accident. Even for bikers, there are guys who genuinely feel for the victim irrespective of who committed the mistake. Some even feel so guilty that they lose confidence in driving altogether.

The next time you are part of such a scenario -  check yourself for any bruise / pain, say something (even swearing will do), and ... move on. There is a bigger purpose you have to achieve in your life and not to be a pawn in someone else's life of chess.

By the way, Ceat is right, the streets are filled with idiots, but guess what - not all are walking, some drive too.


  1. Roads are filled with idiots

  2. Guess that came straight from the heart !! :D

  3. read some of your previous posts. I like your blog. :)

  4. Hey thanks Felicity :) Its truly an honor :)


All yours..

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